time, time when you stayed over,
we stayed in bed forever
the mail piled at the door.
time, we lost track of the hours,
pizza boxes tower
the floor beside the bed. 


time, our bodies sore from something,
it surely wasn’t walking,
our friends thought we were dead.
and i can’t recreate those times we used to have
without you they’ll be bad.
let’s meet, next month at my parent’s house
they’ll be
away like they were then
away like we were then. 



time, you met someone new
someone who liked you
but not like i liked you.
time, you ask him if he’ll mind
of course he’ll surely mind.
so just leave him for me. 


will you meet me and we’ll try to set things right?
i want things to be right.
and i bet we’ll stay in bed for days and never leave
i never want to leave,
we’ll never have to leave.


Lyrics from Hayden– My Parents House

Photos from Variations on the Word Sleep