i had to share this with you. i really hate wearing flats. i can wear 6 inch heels no problem, but the second i wear flats i have a billion blisters. needless to say i’ve been delaying having to wear them. but yesterday it was a billion degrees in ny and i was wearing boots and felt completely ridiculous. so i went on the search for flats but got frustrated and gave up. my boyfriend came to the rescue and went to urban after work and found the cutest pair that are really comfy. but that’s not why i’m telling you this. when i opened the shoes there was a story printed on the bottom of the box. i had to share it with you. here’s what it says:


“Hello. This note is going to seem very strange, and I have serious reservations about even writing it, but the circumstances are unusual, so i’ll take a chance. I was on a walk tonight and I noticed that your car has Colorado plates. I met a girl several weeks ago (maybe 3), who was from Colorado, but I haven’t run into her since. By chance, are you Julie who went to Creighton and is a pre-vet student at the University? If so, I met you in the computer lab on the last day of summer session. You seemed like a very down-to-earth person and I hoped that we might meet again. I completely chickened out instead of giving you my phone number of asking you out. All I remember is bumping into you in the lab — I said “what are you working on”… I had been there for hours typing a paper… you turned your computer monitor towards me and said “well, I just bought these Jeffrey Campbell shoes online…study break!” I like your smile, and your taste in shoes. So I’m going out on a limb here by leaving a note. Trust me when I say that this is *EXTREMELY* out of character for me. I hope I haven’t made you uncomfortable in any way. You made an impression on me and I’d kick myself for passing up a second opportunity to give you my #. Please don’t take this as some kind of a crazy stalker note. Maybe i’ll hear from you, though I’d be very surprised given how weird this seems. Take Care. – Alex

** This letter was found and anonymously mailed to our LA Office in 2006. It was post-marked Boise, Idaho. There was no return address. We never found the sender or the girl mentioned in the letter.

I hope they found each other. I smiled like crazy reading this. I hope you do too. Have a lovely afternoon xo k