source: tracie taylor photography

i am finished! wow, what a relief. tonight im celebrating by going for dinner and drinks with my best friend whose in from montreal. we can’t decide between stanton social, koi or la esquina….mmm all good choices. tomorrow morning i’m heading back to montreal with greg. i still haven’t packed, feeling quite lazy and cozy on my couch. i just watched oprah. one of, if not the most tragic things i could think of is having your child abducted. i know if it was me i’d never be able to move passed that. i’d keep going through my mind how i should have done things differently or wishing i could turn back time. im sure thats what madeleine’s mom, kate mccann is doing. she said something that was really true. the abductor, whoever he or she is, is someone…someone’s son or daughter, partner, cousin, neighbor etc. if only every single person could look around, then maybe she’d be reunited with her family. wishful thinking..i know, i just cant help but feel like someone must know where she is. i truly hope they find their little girl. she deserves to be reunited with her family.