I went and chose my puppy tonight! OMG he is the most adorable little thing you will ever see. He was born on May 13th. He’s a shihpoo… chocolate brown with a white belly…and will weigh around 7 to 8 lbs full grown. The breeder was the nicest woman. I spoke to a lot of rude ones so I’m so grateful for her kindness and patience. I’m taking him home August 1st but will visit him many more times before that! I can’t wait to start my life with him. Here are some pics. I promise I will update every time i get more. sweet dreams xo




my puppy 3

my shihpoo

chiot 4 010

chiot 4 012

chiot 4 013

chiot 4 015

chiot 4 021

chiot 4 022

chiot 4 023