If you don’t already know of Nast, you soon will! Sophie from Nast is definately the next Sartorialist. Her eye for beauty and exquisite outfits is captured in every one of her photographs. Her blog is a great inspiration for both fashion lovers and photographers alike. She was kind enough to answer a few questions in English even though French is her first language. Thank you Sophie!

White Blank Page: When did you start Nast and why?
Sophie: Nast exists since February (2009). I wanted to share my point of view and my work with other people. As the mood in the street makes the blog, cause I find the models in the street, I thought that my work had to return to people?

WBP: Can you tell us a bit about yourself (your age, your job, where you live, your background in photography etc)
Sophie: I’m 31, I’m a make up artist. I do stylism for shootings and as you know I’m sometimes “photographer”.
I live in the heart of Paris. I have worked as photographer for 2 years before NAST. Before I was “assistant” in fashion shootings mostly.


WBP: How do you choose whom to photograph?
Sophie: It’s a feeling! I like sweet faces, no make up or very discret, classic styles, timeless.
I’m so sensitive with matters (tissu in french?) I like to recognize as fast as I can. Stopping a person in the street for a photo implies for the photographer to see all these things very quickly.
qf1WBP: Do you ever meet people who don’t want to be photographed?
Sophie: No never. People are for the most, proud to be asked for a photo of themselves. And it’s normal! On the contrary some are so shy that they don’t know how to refuse.

WBP: What’s your favorite look?
Sophie: Sober, classic, carrot pant and white shirt and nice shoes. Hell=10cm minimum!
WBP: What do you do when your not taking photographs?
Sophie: I read a lot. Classics. I go to the cinema and to the theatre. I like to walk alone in the streets of Paris.

WBP: How many lenses do you have and what is your favorite?
Sophie: Many. But I’m fond of fixed lenses. 50mm is the one I like the most. I’m used to take all I want with it…

WBP: Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?
Sophie: It’s an artistic way so, passion! And work. taking photos is the best way to learn how to take photos!

WBP: What is your single favorite photograph ever taken?
Sophie: Impossible to answer! I like a lot of them, some because she remind me something, a meet, others cause i love the place, the model, the light…

WBP: If you could take a photograph of five people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?
Sophie: I don’t want to take a photo of someone specifically. What I like and how I work is to discover a person or a place by chance. Style is not someone in particular, style, charism is everywhere, on a lot of people.