Hey everyone

I’m sitting on the balcony enjoying my last day in Florida. Heading back to NYC later tonight. Unfortunately the weather was shit and zero purchases! Nonetheless it was still a pretty fun weekend, full of yummy food and tons of relaxing. I even brought my puppy. I think he loves it here- the hot weather and clean streets. In NY im constantly pulling things out of his mouth that he eats off the street but here theres nothing for him to get to which is such a treat for me. The only problem is the flying. He hated it! Cried the whole way. I felt so bad. I think everyone on the plane was quite annoyed. Oh well!

Anyways I decided to start tweeting. You can follow me here. I’ll try to update it as much as possible. Since its hard to blog every day during the school semester I think tweeting will be a quick and fun way to keep in contact with all of you in between blog posts.

See you back in NY

xo k