Hey everyone

Sorry for my absence, i was consumed in school work. Now i am finally on vacation in florida. The ride here was smooth and although the weather is pretty awful im  glad to be here. Today i wanted to post about Patrick Swayze. Random, yes i know. But for christmas my bf gave me his biography entitled The Time of My Life and I just finished it by the pool (yess it took less than two hours for me to read it, it was that inspiring). I never knew much about the actor, besides drooling over his dance and love scenes in  Dirty Dancing and Ghost. When I heard that he was sick I felt horrible for him and his wife as I believe most people felt. Without even knowing him, everyone knew it was just too soon. But after reading his book I have a completely new outlook on him and his life and tragic death. If you want to get inside the head of a man who was on a wild high in life one day and then handed a death sentence the next, someone who refused to simply lay down and submit to his illness but rather continued on to shoot the entire first season of an action tv show, then pick up his bio. Its both brutally honest , extremely tragic and yet somehow uplifting.